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Our supplement is what separates the Ardis Acne System from all other acne brands. After studying and reviewing hundreds of research articles and combing through thousands of pages of medical books, nutritional journals, herbal remedy books, and research papers, we decided to put these articles and findings to the test. We developed the one formulation that beats all others at handling the internal causes of acne: Introducing Ardis Clear Skin Complex Dietary Supplement!


At Ardis we take a holistic view for treating acne. If we do not treat the whole body, then you are not likely to see results. The Ardis Clear Skin Complex is made natural from Plants. Essential Oils, Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals to create the perfect balance of acne clearing, pimple dissolving, face restoring and confidence building that you need. Our focus is your skins health, so you can focus on living life acne free!


For best results we recommend taking two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening every day. Remember, Dr. Ardis recommends that you take the capsules with food every time.


Note: If you experience any stomach discomfort or nausea while taking the two capsules, Dr. Ardis recommends reducing the daily dose to one capsule in the morning, and one capsule in the evening, with food.


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A study of thirty patients with moderate to severe acne were given gugulipid orally for 6 weeks. No topical treatment was used during the study. 100% of participants reported improvements in their acne. A whopping 76% of participants had excellent to good results. (30)


Guggulsterone is a component of Gugulipid, and in one incredible study it was found that 25mg of Guggulsterones, out performed 500mg of Tetracycline (acne antibiotic) at clearing acne lesions in 3 months. (31)a


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The higher the levels of 5 alpha-reductase in the body, the more sebum (pimple pus) the sebaceous glands in our skin makes. Saw Palmetto is proven to reduce the amount of 5 alpha-reductase the body produces, which in turn, aids in reducing how much sebum (pimple pus) the skin makes. (32)


5 alpha-reductase turns testosterone into the problematic acne hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is also an androgen hormone. DHT is found primarily in the skin only, and directly makes the sebaceous glands (oil making glands) in our skin make more sebum (pimple pus). Saw Palmetto is proven to reduce DHT hormone by way of reducing the bodies production of 5 alpha-reductase. (33)


Androgen hormone levels directly impact acne production, and this review of saw palmetto shows effectiveness to reduce androgen hormone levels in men. (34)

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Paeoniflorin, a compound found in White Peony, promotes the activity of aromatase, which helps to inhibit androgen hormones, and excess androgen hormones have links to multiple health conditions, including acne vulgaris. (35,36)

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Study proves Lavender’s ability to kill bacteria. (2)

In 2013, an acne study was published, and concluded that Lavender Oil combined with Tea Tree Oil resulted in Antimicrobial (antibacterial) activity, and reduced the number of acne lesions. (3)

Lavender Oil has been proven to speed the healing of skin tissue, and proven to increase the speed that our skin replaces collagen, to reduce scarring. (51)


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94 acne sufferers were tested to see what their Vitamin A levels were in their blood compared to a control group, who did not have acne. The 94 acne sufferers had lower Vitamin A levels in their blood, than the non-acne sufferer group. (19) If you want to improve your skins look, you must eat more Vitamin A rich foods or supplement with Vitamin A.


A study concluded as far back as 1981 was able to demonstrate that Vitamin A given as a supplement was able to improve the skin and reduce the number of acne lesions. (39)

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A research study, way back in 1974 was able to show that patients who suffered with acne flares before their periods, found incredible improvements to their premenstrual acne flare ups when they supplemented Vitamin B6 daily. (40)


If you think 1974 is impressive in how long ago we have known Vitamin B6 and its impact on healthy skin, you will be even more impressed to know that in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology Volume 5, back in 1943, yes 1943, the benefits of Vitamin B6 and its impact on our skin’s health was published about. (41)

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Grapeseed has powerful antimicrobial activity, and in this study from 2016 proves just how powerful Grapeseed Oil is against various microbes. (15)

2016 Grapeseed Oil is shown to speed of skin cell regeneration, and potential for healing scars. (16)


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One research article made observations that acne sufferers who also had mood fluctuations, found improvement to both the acne lesions and their overall mood and well-being, when they supplemented themselves with omega 3- fatty acids and certain minerals which included selenium. (43)


Selenium combined with Vitamin E when supplemented was shown to improve acne by way of improving Glutathione levels in the body. (42)

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There has been a long understanding that blood sugar has a direct impact on how much acne people experience. High amounts of carbohydrates in our diets increases acne formation, and chromium is a mineral proven over and over again that it helps improve how our body breaks down blood sugar. Chromium is known to improve both glucose tolerance and enhance insulin sensitivity, it was also reported in one study, to induce rapid improvement in acne. (44)


Both the mood and acne lesions in acne sufferers were observed to improve in acne sufferers who supplemented with Omega 3 fatty-acids and with minerals that included Chromium. (43)

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For your skins health and the results we wanted to help you achieve, we left literally no stone unturned. Exploring any and all possible internal factors that complicate your ability to achieve Clear Skin. Researchers discovered that acne sufferers DO NOT metabolize sugar properly, and it was found that acne sufferers had higher amounts of glucose in their skin, then did non-acne sufferers. (45) Knowing that blood sugar metabolizing could be a limiting factor in achieving the perfect skin you want, we have included two minerals that have demonstrated over and over again, that when they are supplemented, the body metabolizes sugar better and improves even how well insulin (sugar metabolizing hormone) breaks down sugar in the body. These two sugar improving minerals are Chromium and Vanadium.

Vanadium can improve how well your body breaks down sugar, and does this by improving how well insulin breaks down your blood sugar. (46) One researcher studying the role of glucose tolerance in acne, actually referred to acne as “skin diabetes.” (47)


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Study confirms, acne sufferers have less Zinc in their body. In fact, the levels of Zinc and Vitamin E were found to be significantly lower compared to non-acne sufferers. (19)

Multicenter study concludes that zinc gluconate was effective in the treatment of inflammatory acne. (48)

Study performed in 1977, 12 week acne study finds zinc reduces the number of acne lesions caused by acne causing bacteria. (49)

In a fourth study, 75% of the acne patients taking Zinc, saw improvements in 2 months. (50)